100 Valentine’s Day Celebration Ideas With Boyfriend – Lovely Tips for Girlfriend

100 Valentine’s Day Celebration Ideas With Boyfriend – Lovely Tips for Girlfriend

Valentine’s Day Celebration Ideas With Boyfriend – Lovely Tips for Girlfriend: – Different people celebrate valentine’s day in the different way as they have their own definition of love and relationship. Similarly, valentine’s day reflects different significance to the different couples. Love, feelings, and emotions cannot be defined in the consistent way, rather with the couples experience and relation, the definition differs. Therefore, celebration ideas of valentine’s day also vary.

Some couples may go on a date; some couples stay at home while some couples go for a long drive and express their love towards each other in a best possible way. And some couples stay at home and spend some quality time at home only with some soft music and dance.So here is listed with the different ideas of celebrating valentine’s day with your boyfriend.


valentine's day celebration ideas boyfriend Tips for Girlfriend
valentine’s day celebration ideas boyfriend Tips for Girlfriend

100 Valentine’s Day Celebration Ideas With Boyfriend – Lovely Tips for Girlfriend

1)            Prepare some delicious food:

The first way of Valentine’s day celebration with a boyfriend is simple and sweet. You can cook some delicious food for your boyfriend. You can cook the meal that your boyfriend likes a lot. This might be a simple way but the saying that man’s heart can be reached via his appetite, preparing the meal for this Valentine can be romantic. Therefore, prepare all his favorite meal on this day and have a foodie and romantic valentine.


2)            Spending quality time with your love:

Rather than the gifts and dresses, it is very much important to have the time of your partner. You would feel much happy on his/her time instead of other gifts. Therefore, spend quality time with your partner in any way, either you go for a date, you go for a movie or anything. It would be much romantic to talk about each other arms spending the whole time with your love. Therefore this can be one of the ideas to celebrate the love day with your boyfriend.

3)            Have the Campfire:

The next way to celebrate the valentine’s day is to have a campfire in the backyard of your home or somewhere on the beach. With the help of small tent, arrange for the sleeping area and also take sleeping bags to have slept in the fresh air. Take a bottle of champagne, and enjoy the beautiful night with your sweetheart with some beautiful and sweet talk in the fresh air. And also decorate the tent if you would like to have slept in the tent.

You can just have some snacks only on the campfire or you can take some meal from your home cooking by self. Therefore, this can also be the better idea for celebrating valentine’s day with your boyfriend on the cold night of valentine’s day. The environment is pretty cold in the season, therefore, a campfire is definitely the best Valentine’s day celebration ideas with a boyfriend.

4)            Go for a romantic movie:

The next idea to celebrate valentine’s day with your boyfriend is to have a romantic movie date. On the occasion of this love day, the movie theatres have the special screening of the beautiful love story movie. Therefore you can go for the romantic movie date on this beautiful love day and spend the quality time on each other arms. You would not definitely feel awkward in the movie theatres while watching movies in each other arms as it is the love day and couples choose to have a movie, unlike others. Therefore, this is definitely the best idea to celebrate the valentine’s day with your boyfriend and create the memories for the future.

5)            Sweet mystery hunt:

the next way to celebrate Valentine’s Day is the sweet hunt. You can also celebrate the Valentine’s Day in the morning. You can do all the preparation previous day so that you can celebrate your love day with your loved one from the next morning only. Send your boyfriend lots of gifts with the clues hidden. Hide the little gifts and sweet cards around the house in each of his room. With each gift leave a small note which will direct your boyfriend towards the next clue and the final clue will direct him towards you with the beautiful bunch of rose.

You will be standing there with the bunch of red roses, a beautiful gift for your special person. Not only these gifts but also with the delicious breakfast made by you only and it would be better if you prepare the breakfast that he likes the most. Enjoy the breakfast with romantic talks and also play some soft beautiful music. Enjoy the Valentine’s Day and make the day more and more romantic. This sweet mystery hunt is the romantic game that pulls your boyfriend towards you with each clue given by you. It would really feel awesome because this is one of the most favorite Valentine’s day celebration ideas with a boyfriend.

6)            Arrange for the private dancing:

this is a very simple but very romantic and sweet way to celebrate the Valentine’s Day. Play some soft and romantic music. Have some dim lights turning off all the strong and loud lights. Maintain the peaceful environment and also arrange the room in such a way it has the peace and soft environment. Blindfold your special one and take him to the room. Now have some romantic dance on the soft music that he likes the most and whisper “happy valentine’s day” on his ear. It would be really romantic to spend the valentine day with this idea.

7)            Have some daring activities:

daring activities means daring your partner to do some activities that may be kind of romantic, seductive or maybe the thriller. This is the idea via which the celebration can be made at home only. If you are celebrating the love day valentine’s day in the home only; this might also be the best or romantic activity to celebrate it at your home with your boyfriend. You can dare your partner to perform some seductive dance moves to seduce you.

Similarly, he may also dare you to perform some romantic activity like proposing him in a different way. This is all about the daring game you can play within your home with your partner. Beside this, you can also fill up the book about your relationship or you may ask each other the love questions related to your past moments or the moments you have cherished. You can enjoy the Valentine’s Day with your partner with such romantic daring game. Having such romantic daring activities will certainly help you to create the memories for the future.

8)            Have some romantic meals:

Valentine’s Day can be made more special through romantic meals only. If you can arrange romantic meal date in your home then it would be the best. You can prepare all the meals that he like the most including breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can also arrange for this romantic meal at his home too; therefore this depends on your situation where you will be arranging for the meal. Spend the whole day surprising your partner with the meals he like. This is the way of expressing your love to him on this valentine’s day.

9)            Romantic cook:

In the beautiful love day, you both can engage in the romantic cooking. You can select the different and difficult recipe for which you both will require each other’s help. This would be romantic in the sense that while engaging in such difficult cooking, you can romance in the name of helping. Similarly, you might be adding some fun element in your cooking. At the end of the day you will certainly remember only your romance and fun which you were involve in for the whole day, whatever may be the taste of the food.

10)          Gift him roses and roses:

from the word only, you can guess how the Valentine’s Day would be celebrated. Yes, it’s all about roses and roses everywhere. It’s always the roses that speak “I love you” more than any other gift. Therefore you too express your word with the beautiful roses only. It’s a known fact that red rose is a symbol of love and romance and expresses much more love.

Similarly, pink and yellow roses can also be used for the decoration. So send your boyfriend bunch of roses in the morning wishing him the valentine’s day. In addition, you will also be meeting on the daytime, therefore on your date also gift him the bunch of red roses and wish him “happy valentine’s day” saying the few words of love and with few promises too. It would be much romantic to celebrate Valentine’s Day with roses and roses.

100 Valentine’s Day Celebration Ideas With Boyfriend – Lovely Tips for Girlfriend

11)          Remind him all about your first date:

The word “first” is always remembered and is deeply rooted in everyone’s mind and heart. Similar is the first date; the first date is always remembered. Even the color of dresses each other have worn on that very first date is deeply rooted in both of the partner’s mind. So why not to rewind the memory and revisit the first date so that you can recreate the memory. Arrange the meeting as per the scene as that of your first day. Recreate the scene and arrangement as that of the first date. Ask him to wear the same dresses that he had worn without giving him any hint how you will be celebrating valentine’s day. After he arrives, recreate the memory again.

12)          Go on the beachside picnic:

the next idea to celebrate valentine’s day with your boyfriend is going to the beachside picnic. It would be really best if you choose the night time period to go on the beachside picnic as you can arrange for the campfire picnic. You can prepare the meal that your boyfriend likes on your own. You can have the romantic talks all night. You can arrange for the tents to spend all the night of this special day with your boyfriend. This is also the best idea to spend valentine’s day with your boyfriend.

13)          Have a beautiful Spa night:

on the occasion of the valentine’s day, you will find different offer packages on the spa for the couples. So you can gift your boyfriend with the spa package for the couples. If you go for the alternative way, you can take him to the spa as a surprise gift for him on the valentine day. Before taking him to the spa room, decorate the spa room with the roses and balloons on your own. Sprinkle the perfume over the spa room. Decorate the spa room on your own and surprise him with all the stories. This can also be the best idea to celebrate valentine’s day with your boyfriend.

14)          Tea time at the backyard or in the garden:

make sure that no one is in your home on that very day. Make your family members go somewhere doing all the arrangements. Now decorate the garden or backyard area of your home with some lights, bunch of red roses, heart-shaped balloons. Invite him and when he arrives, blindfold him and take him to the backyard. Make him sit in the chair and unfold his eyes. Have the romantic talk and also have the tea made by you. The tasty tea would certainly add sweet flavor for this romantic environment.

15)          Have candlelight dinner with your love at your home:

The next option to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home is to have candlelight dinner at your home only. Make sure that no other family member stays at home and you can make arrangement for the candlelight dinner in your home only. Invite your boyfriend at your home without any hint what have you arranged for him. Then prepare the meals from the starter, main course to the dessert as per your boyfriend likes and decorate your dining hall with all the symbols of love. Some cushions, balloons and the bunch of red roses will certainly add to the charm of your valentine’s day. An arrangement of the candlelight dinner on your home is certainly the best idea to celebrate valentine’s day.

16)          Candlelight dinner at his favorite restaurant:

the next idea is to have candlelight dinner at your boyfriend’s favorite restaurant. Invite him in that particular restaurant without any hint of your full surprise packages. Now just make yourself look very pretty and book your corner table or cabin table so that you can make your table as per your desire and also decorate it as well. Decorate your table with the red roses, cushions, balloons and many other love symbols. Have a bottle of champagne and order for the food he likes the most. When he arrives, open a bottle of champagne and have a romantic talk with his favourite meal.

17)          Memory poster of you and your boyfriend:

This is also the next beautiful, surprising and heart throbbing way of celebrating the Valentine’s Day. It is also the way to show how much you love your boyfriend and how much you care for him. You need to put extra effort into this beautiful surprise. At first, collect all the pictures of your boyfriend from his childhood days. You can contact his parents, siblings as well as his friends and collect all the pictures of his childhood days. And you also have the beautiful pictures of you and your boyfriend of every special day or of every occasion.

So collect all these pictures of yours and your boyfriend and make several posters along with the caption. Start from both of your childhood days. You can make the posters collectively. After preparing the childhood days photos, prepare the teenage photos of both of yours. The picture might be funny, beautiful, and adventurous and so on, this does not matter. Then comes the turn of the pictures of your first date, frequent meetings, and other celebrations. Caption these pictures in a romantic or funny way so that these pictures take you to the days back to that respective period. You can surprise your boyfriend with these posters on the chart paper and have a wonderful valentine day.

18)          Prepare the beautiful photo album:

the next best idea to celebrate valentine’s day with your boyfriend is preparing the beautiful photo album. This idea can be implied in two ways either you alone can make it and gift him or you both can prepare it together on this particular day so that you both have the chance to spend quality time on this love day. Collect all of your pictures with your boyfriend and with the beautiful captions, place it in the photo album so that you both can reminisce this love day in future.

19)          Theatre night with your boyfriend:

From the word theatre, it may sound like watching movies but it’s slightly different from watching movies. You will be watching something really special along with your boyfriend on the Valentine’s Day. This is the special day so this option would be quite special and it is photo story or lens view. It might be similar to the above-mentioned option but filming is different. Collect the several pictures of you and your boyfriend of the various moments that might be funny, romantic or any other. Now you need to make a photo story on your laptop like a movie. Create a story from the pictures you have collected but make sure it would be much romantic as it’s a love day.

You can add some beautiful soft romantic music for the background and also add your sound as if you are telling the story. Make this photo story movie of about one and half hour. You can also make the video store if you have recorded video of some of the special moments. After preparing all this, now start decorating the living room. Capture the moment of his surprise on the camera and tune on the photo story. See his reaction it would be tremendous and enjoy the video you have made with the snacks. It would be awesome valentine day.

20)          Surprise him with the wedding video you have prepared for your wedding:

the next idea to celebrate valentine’s day with your boyfriend is surprising him with the video regarding the planning of both of your wedding as per his desire. Plan all the arrangement as per the wish and desire of your boyfriend. Be the wedding planner for your own wedding and gift to your boyfriend. Believe me, this will certainly be the best video ever made for your boyfriend and also the beautiful gift for your boyfriend. Both of you can watch together the video and make your valentine’s day very special.

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