Valentine Day in Nepal

Valentine Day in Nepal

Valentine Day in Nepal: – Valentine’s Day is celebrated as love day by all the couples. They do their best to celebrate this day with full of love. Some couples go on a date; some couples stay at home while some couples go for a long drive and express their love towards each other in the best possible way. And some couples stay at home and spend some quality time at home only with some soft music and dance. It is all very much romantic.

Valentine’s Day is celebrated on the 14th February of every year by the couples. Valentine’s day is also celebrated as “love day” by the couples of all over the world. This is the day of expressing love by the couples to each other through the gift in the form of flowers and any other materialistic gifts.

Myth related to valentines’ day

Every special day has some myth related to it and so is the valentine’s day. Valentine was the name of the priest so this love day is named after the Christian priest, Saint Valentine. Roman Emperor Claudius II imposed the law on the country that the young man of the country should stay single. But saint valentine refused to follow the rule of law and secretly performed the marriage ceremonies of the younger men. The law of young man staying single was because of the logic to expand the army of the country. And the married men are not believed to be good for being soldiers. When Claudius found out this activity of saint valentine, he was arrested and was jailed and ultimately killed after few period of time.

Since then, in the name of saint valentine, this day on 14th February is celebrated as the Valentine’s Day.  The word Valentine represents love generally so the day is also called as love day. This day is generally known for expressing love by one mate to the other. On these modern days, the valentine day is symbolized with the heart-shaped outline, doves and the figure of the winged Cupid. Cupid, since is the Roman god of desire, love, and affection, is used as the symbol of love day or the symbol of valentine’s day. Therefore, valentine’s day is all about love, love, and only love.

How people celebrate valentine’s day in Nepal?

Valentine’s Day is called as PremDiwas or Pranaya Diwas in Nepali, which is literally translated into English, is known as “love day”. It has not been much time period, the people of Nepal has started to celebrate this special love day. People in Nepal started celebrating Valentine’s Day from the late 90s. This was the time period when different international media penetrated the Nepali media in the form of the television channels.

Especially, the Indian channels are the most influential social media in the media history of Nepal. Because of these television channels, the trend of celebrating love day increased and the trend still went upward, when the internet became popular among the youth. Therefore, if we talk about the celebration of valentine day at Nepal, then the main and the foremost reason is the cultural influence of the international media.

Valentine Day in Nepal
Valentine Day Celebration in Nepal with Girlfriend

Valentine’s day is generally the occasion to express the love between the couples with each other and also the people they love. The day is celebrated everywhere in the world is celebrated romantically among the couples. With the modernization and the influences of the western culture, every year the celebration gets more modernized and more romantic among the couples. The valentine day or the love day does not only calls for the celebration between the couples only but this is also the day that provides the opportunity for the people to express their love for any other person.

Generally, the youths are very much inclined to celebrate this festival with much enthusiasm. Among the youngsters also, those who are in schools and colleges generally celebrate this day with more interest. Other youngsters take this day as the normal day or the day to refresh with their loved ones and some of the couples take this day to go on a special date as they are restricted by their time. Most of the people in Nepal still see Valentine’s Day as a day for young people and kids.

As talked above, because of the influence of international media in Nepal and the increasing use of technology, valentine’s day is able to make its presence and recognition in the Nepalese society. The same feel as that in western society is felt by the Nepalese people or the couples in this present context.However, there is no official or legal celebration in the country. Though it is considered that Valentine’s Day has been making its recognition through influential context but still there does not exist any particular celebration pattern as it is recently imported. Therefore it is still in growing phase in the Nepalese society.

The valentine day is celebrated from the long time period and this can be evident from the message written by Adolf Hitler for his wife on this valentine’s day. The message reflects the deep love feelings, Hitler had for his wife. Even in that time, the love day used to be celebrated with the beautiful feelings and much excitement and enthusiasm.

As per the western culture, a week before the valentine’s day is considered as the valentine week i.e. from 7th of February to 14th February. This seven days period is celebrated in the western society, each day with the different name and celebration. And this beautiful valentine weekends with the celebration of the valentine’s day. This seven-day celebration is also imported in the Nepalese society with the same way of celebration among the couples. The youngster from the schools and colleges has also been promoting valentine week too since few years. Therefore, it seems that valentine’s day is in a way incomplete without Valentine’s week.

Valentine’s Week 2018

  • The first day of the valentine week i.e. 7th February is the “Rose day” and the couple wishes each other on this day saying “happy rose day”. On this day the couple gifts each other with the beautiful red rose and lots of love. This is the day when the tremendous amounts of red roses are sold in the country and the huge economy is made by the florists and the flower shops. The decoration of the gift shops and flower shops add shine to the red roses held for sale there. When you pass by the gift shop on this day, the huge crowd of couples along with the red rose on their hands will be seen along with the beautiful smile on their face.


  • The second day of the valentine week i.e. 8th February is the “propose day”. This day is celebrated by the couples proposing to each other. Though the proposal would have been already made by the couples, still on this day, the couple proposes to each other in new ways by gifting flowers and other gifts. The proposed day is also used by many boy and girls to start a new beginning of their relationship. On this day, some people also propose their partner to marry him or her.


  • The third day of the valentine week is Chocolate Day. This day is celebrated on 9th February every year and from the name of the day only, it can be known that this day is all about chocolates and chocolates! Generally, the young couples gift their partners a bunch of chocolates on this day. On this day the chocolates are gifted and also any desserts as well as sweets. This adds to the charm in the relationship and also puts every couple in the romantic mood. The matured couples may not have much enthusiasm than that of young couples. But in case of young couples of school and colleges, they pamper their soulmate with lots and lots of chocolate, in the form of expressing one’s love to the other.


  • The fourth day of the valentine week is celebrated as “Teddy day”. This day falls on 10th of February. As the name suggests, this day the couple gift each other a beautiful teddy that reflects the love they have for each other. Generally, teddy is loved by girls and boys gist their girls, a teddy that always makes her remember about her boy. It is said that Teddy is the way to get the girl’s heart. Therefore, teddy is generally gifted by the boy to his girl with lots of love.


  • The fourth day of the romantic Valentine week is celebrated as “Promise Day”. Promise day falls on the 11th A promise is generally made among the couple in concern of their love towards each other. Promise has the potent impact on the relationship. Love and relationship involve several responsibilities and commitments. Commitments also involve several promises made with each other for the whole life. Making these sort of promises does not generally improve or complete the relationship but fulfilling the promises reflects the dedication and the issue of trust never arises. On the promised day of Valentine’s week, couples make some of the new commitments and promise to fulfill in their further time period.


  • The fifth day of the valentine week that falls on 12th of February is the “Hug Day”. Hug day is celebrated with the warmness among the couple and this day falls two days before valentine’s day. The hug in the relationship is very much warm as it involves all the sentiments, feelings and love that partners have or feel for each other. On this day, the lovers or the couples express their tons of love with a tight and warm hug. The hug is generally given to the lovers with each other as an expression of care, love, and protection.Hug also provide the couples to stay warm in each other arms as a feeling of safety and protection along with lots of love. Therefore this day is the beautiful part of valentine’s day.


  • The sixth day of theValentine Week is “kiss day” and this day falls on 13th of February.Kiss is the sweet gesture used by the lovers or couples to express their love for each other. This day is also one of the beautiful parts of valentine week as the kiss is the most beautiful gesture of expressing love. The feelings, sentiments, attachments and the romance are the factors that make up this sweet gesture. This day lovers celebrate with the expression of the sweet gesture i.e. kiss in the form of love for their loved ones.


  • Finally, there comes the seventh day of the valentine week and that is the most beautiful as well as a romantic day of the year, Valentine’s Day. This day is all about love for the couples and lovers. This day is the most romantic day for the couples and has a great importance in their love life. The couples express their love with each other on this day and want to spend with each other the whole day. Valentine’s day has its own importance for the couples and lovers. This day falls on the 14th of February every year.

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